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The Franciscan Montessori Earth School/Saint Francis Academy has been on the leading edge of private Montessori education in Portland for more than 35 years. We are the only accredited pre-K through 8th grade Catholic Montessori school in the Western United States. We serve children ages 2 ½ through 14 on our 10 acre campus in SE Portland. Our Montessori curriculum is individualized, multi-aged and emphasizes ecology, the study of the interconnectedness of all living things. Our established gardens and close proximity to wilderness enhance our outdoor and environmental programs which include overnight camping trips for elementary and middle school students. We also offer a full complement of programs including before and after school childcare, nutrition, athletics, religion, art and music. Please explore our website to learn more.

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From Sister Kathleen Ann and Sister Therese

We are pleased that so many of you have reserved a space for the Silent Journey on November 1st and 2nd.

There is still room for you!

This is the single experience that will make the Montessori Classroom experience come alive for you. The Silent Journey is your chance to actively participate in the same way with our classrooms and guides that your child does every day. Barbara Gordon, a renowned Montessorian and consultant, will facilitate the entire Silent Journey. Become part of what hundreds of Earth School parents have come to know as a transformational event that defines their understanding of Montessori and their child’s experience in the classroom.

The Experience: On Friday evening no one touches any of the beautiful Montessori materials. The Parents take a “Silent Journey” from Children’s House to Lower Elementary to Upper Elementary to Clare Hall (St. Francis Academy Middle School). There are no words spoken. This is a time to see the materials and to get caught up in the visual experience. About 10-15 minutes is spent in each level where you have the opportunity to internalize what you see. When this journey is completed we’ll return to our meeting room for questions/discussion and a chance to share impressions.

On Saturday, it is another journey. But this time, you have a chance to do what your child/ren do daily. The materials are set out, ready for use, in each classroom. Montessori Materials from language, math, and more are set out for you to interact with, or have your own lesson with a guide to connect you to the experience. There will be direction cards on the materials so you will know what to do-some will simply say “explore”, some will say “ask for a lesson”. The Earth School Guides are there to give a variety of lessons. You will experience Montessori from Children’s House to Middle school. Afterwards, there will be another opportunity to share and discuss your day.

But you have to reserve your space!

Fee: $30.00 a couple, $20.00 for one person (Checks payable to FMES)
(Free childcare on Saturday for parents attending)

Check our latest Newsletter for a registration form, or call our office at 503-760-8220 and let us know that you want to be part of the Silent Journey.

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